Are dentures making you feel old? Teeth implants vs dentures

Picture a pair of false teeth in a glass of water by the bedside. Now imagine the owner of those dentures. Chances are you saw an elderly person. Perhaps a kindly old grandma or grandpa, like you’d see in a child’s storybook.

If you’re a denture wearer, it’s unlikely you fit this stereotype – or want to. People need full dentures for all sorts of reasons. Age is often a factor. But accidents and illness can be responsible for missing teeth – as well as tooth decay and gum disease.

Getting used to dentures

Removable dentures aren’t like having your own teeth back. Wearing them takes time to get used to. In the beginning, your mouth might feel sore and uncomfortable. If you continue to suffer from dental sores, your dentist can adjust the fit of your dentures, which might help.

Some words can be hard to pronounce when you start wearing dentures. With practice, this will improve. The same goes for eating; try soft food first and try to chew with both sides of your mouth at once.

Denture replacement options

Even with time, some people never get used to – or like – wearing dentures. Implant retained dentures can secure your dentures meaning you’ll never have to worry about laughing, speaking or chewing again. These small titanium screws attach to overdentures and hold them securely in place. The treatment is less invasive than full dental implants and is even suitable for people with bone loss. Implant retained dentures also offer an alternative to a tooth bridge or fixed partial denture.

Teeth implants vs. dentures

Can move or slip Stable
May cause dental sores or allergic reactions Comfortable and bio-acceptable
Lower cost Higher cost
Bone loss Reduced bone loss
Difficult to chew some foods Chew foods easily
Sense of taste can be affected Sense of taste unaffected

Midlife smile makeover

We recently wrote about how 50 is the new 40. Many people who are 50 plus are choosing now to fulfil longstanding aspirations and ambitions. A career change, travel or an image overhaul are all things that can make us feel young again. The last thing that should hold you back is dentures.

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