Midlife Makeover: A Youthful Smile Is Great For Your Body And Mind

Hitting the big 4-0 used to be the start of middle age. But now, with increased life expectancy, scientists are saying middle age starts later – at around 50. So, it seems 50 is the new 40. And, more 50-somethings are choosing now to sort out their teeth and get the smile they’ve always wanted.

The new youthful middle age

We don’t need science to tell us we’re not as old as we used to be. Better health, nutrition and economic conditions mean people are fitter and healthier for longer. So those in their 50s nowadays are less likely to accept their lot.

Career changes and adult gap years are just some of the paths to personal fulfilment that are on the rise. After all, why put up with something you’re not happy with for the next 30 years?

Content middle aged couple sitting on a sofa

Regain your youthful smile

As we age, our teeth start to betray tell-tale signs of ageing. And the worst offender is missing teeth. Having gaps where teeth should be doesn’t just make us seem older. The resulting bone loss can in fact cause the face to sag.

Dental implants can help you get your natural, healthy-looking smile back. And, if you wear dentures, mini-implants can stabilise them and prevent bone loss.

Take care of your heart

Our 50s is a great time to have a smile makeover. We’ve been working and saving for many years. Those with kids may now be seeing them leave home. So, it’s time to think about ourselves for a change.

Getting the smile you’ve always wanted will make you feel great. Once we reach our 50s, our teeth need more looking after. Teeth wear, break and need restoration.

The over 50s are more prone to gum disease. And, as there’s a strong link between unhealthy gums and heart disease, getting your smile fixed could help protect your heart.

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