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Retained Denture for the Lower Arch

Experience counts!

Restorative dentistry can be very costly, especially when you compare typical UK dental industry prices with what can be found abroad. However, at Perfect Pearls, we offer UK patients the same low costs for dental implants as those found overseas.

With Perfect Pearls we offer good quality at good prices. How do we do this? By focusing our main service on placing and restoring dental implants (in their hundreds).
We carry out more cases than most dental clinics, from simple to complex, which enables us to bring down costs. More treatments, means more experience.

A key question to consider is not how much the treatment will cost but more so how much experience is involved in the process of delivering your dental health needs.
Mr. Sanjeev Ramrakha and Dr. Sivakumar Jayachandran have a combined clinical experience of 45 years and have been placing implants for over 23 years now.

At Perfect Pearls we pride ourselves on having made the patient journey simply understood, efficiently executed and easily affordable, with our family of nurses, managers and treatment coordinators.

How will dental implants change my life?

  1. 1 Boosts your confidence
  2. 2 Improves your smile
  3. 3 Stops premature aging of the face
  4. 4 Makes sure bone loss doesn’t occur
  5. 5 Stops other teeth from drifting and tilting
  6. 6 Restores full function eating
  7. 7 Improves speech

Our single implant is £2200 (screw, abutment and crown)

It’s no exaggeration to say that dental implants are pretty amazing. Considered as the next best thing to a real tooth, they’re able to restore function to your smile and jaw, give an authentically natural result and give you back the confidence to enjoy smiling and chewing again. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanent, fixed solution.

Tooth loss can occur for a variety of reasons like tooth decay, gum disease or trauma and injury. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that protects both your dental health and the health of your jawbone.

Dental Implants: The benefits

  • Missing teeth can make things like smiling and opening your mouth the chew or talk in front of others a challenge. Dental implants can resolve this and grant you the confidence you deserve.
  • They protect your jawbone from receding overtime and collapsing inwards, making your face structure appear older and saggy.
  • Dental implants can last a lifetime if properly cared for. You can look after them in the same way you would a real tooth.

How do Dental Implants work?

Dental implants are tiny titanium screws that are inserted into your jawbone under anesthetic. Titanium is extremely compatible with the body, which means the body welcomes it, believing it to be a real organ. After the implant is placed into the jawbone, the implant is welcomed by the body and tissues and muscles begin to grow around it, resulting in the jawbone receiving the stimulation it needs.

This is particularly important as if a tooth loss isn’t addressed, the jawbone can begin to disappear, making your face look older than its years.

Once your dental implant has been placed, a crown or bridge is custom made for you and fitted over the top of the implant.

Frequently asked questions

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants are a permanent root replacement to help replace missing teeth. A small titanium screw is placed into the gumline/jawbone, the metal then fuses with the surrounding bone to create a solid foundation for prosthetics such as crowns, dentures or bridges (that will act as the tooth/teeth) to be attached to.

Can anybody have dental implants?

Not everyone will be suited to having dental implants, oral surgery is required and as such there must be sufficient jawbone, no gum disease and good general health. This is why we offer a free no-obligation consultation to assess whether you would be suitable to proceed with dental implants. A key to implant success is the quantity and quality of the bone where the implant is to be placed. Perfect Pearls has two Dental Implant centres, with both dentists and oral surgeons. Our experienced dental surgery team are experts in placing implants as well as other oral surgery procedures, such as bone grafting and sinus lifts. Some habits such as smoking can affect the success of implant integration and the dentist will be able to discuss this with you at your consultation.

What if I don't have a suitable jaw?

Some people suffer from bone loss in their mouth due to reasons such as periodontal disease or the loss of teeth. As a result, these people may think that their only option is to have dentures as there is not enough bone to support dental implants, this is not the case at Perfect Pearls. Our expert team can perform a procedure known as bone grafting.

The oral surgeon will simply add the biocompatible bone grafting material into the area where there is significant bone loss. This new bone will then need up to 6 months to fuse with the patients existing bone. Depending on how much bone is needed to be added, a patient may be able to have a dental implant placed at the same time or they may have to wait. The oral surgeon will be able to determine this at your free dental consultation. There are also solutions away from dental implants such a bridges, which can be used to help fill a gap left by a missing tooth.

Does having dental implants fitted hurt?

The dental implant procedure is usually under local anaesthetic so you shouldn't feel any pain. As with all surgery, there will be some discomfort for a short period after your treatment, however, this should be manageable with painkillers. Using ice packs will help to reduce the swelling (Perfect Pearls supply these for you to take home) and a soft food diet is recommended for a couple of weeks to aid recovery. Many people comment that the after effects are very similar to after you’ve had an extraction.

How long does it take?

The procedure itself is relatively quick, with a single implant taking around an hour, this may be longer if several implants are required. Once your dental implants have been placed it will take around 4 to 6 months to fully heal, during which the bone fuses with the implants. While this may feel like a long time it's worth the wait for a natural and permanent solution to missing teeth. Of course, Perfect Pearls can supply temporary solutions so that aesthetically, it won’t look like you’re missing a tooth whilst your implant treatment is ongoing.

I've got my new smile, what's next?

Once your dental implant has healed you will need to look after it just as you would a real tooth/teeth. To keep your gums and teeth healthy, brush twice a day and maintain regular visits to your dentist or hygienist. If bacteria is allowed to build up around the implant this can lead to bone loss causing the implant to fail. Perfect Pearls ask that you visit them just once a year post-implant so we can ensure there are no problematic situations concerning your implants.

Why is your visit important to us?

The success of your journey is our main priority and we always put your care and well-being first. We know dental issues can affect your confidence in everyday life, which is why we pride ourselves in ensuring all our patients leave the clinic with happy, healthy and confident smiles.

Nervous patients need not worry as our friendly and warm staff are here at every stage to guide and support you throughout your treatment. Our dentists are professionals but most importantly they are people just like you and they can empathise with people in all sorts of dental situations. Do not worry, you’re in safe hands!

We offer all forms of sedation for the nervous patient

We offer dental sedation for our more nervous patients. Dental anxiety is a fairly common occurrence in patients, and if you’re particularly nervous – whether about a regular check-up, or one of our other treatments – we can provide you with sedation.

A local anaesthetic is, in fact, part of many of our treatments such as root canals, but to help ease your anxiety during check-ups and other procedures, we will use a special dental sedation.
Dental sedation doesn’t put you to sleep, but it will place you in a very relaxed state.

In this way, you’ll still be able to talk with your dental team without any of your usual nerves and anxieties.

We will, of course, talk you through all your options and endeavour to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible.