5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

There is a lot of talk these days about dental implants. How familiar are you with just what they are and why they might be a good solution for your teeth? In this guide, we look at why dental implants can be a good choice if you are experiencing problems with missing teeth or badly fitting, uncomfortable dentures. Here are five reasons why dental implants have become such a popular solution.

1. They don’t cost the earth

For most, the decision not to have their missing teeth fixed is based on the assumption that treatment is unaffordable. Although dental implants were once very costly, with the modern technology and low cost approach pioneered by Perfect Pearls, dental implant treatment is considerably cheaper than you might have thought. It is also important to remember that when properly looked after, implants can last for years to come, making them a truly long-term investment that will leave you looking and feeling better than ever.

2. They are tried and tested

Dental implants are a tried and tested solution that has proven to be a benefit to hundreds of thousands. The reliable treatment is suited to a range of situations from a single missing tooth to a complete arch, and anything in between. Depending on the situation the number of implants required may vary, but the result is always a stable, secure new set of replacement teeth that are as close to your original teeth as possible.

3. They can help reverse the effects of aging

Missing teeth cause changes to take place in the structure of your jaw. Over a longer period of time, this can start to change the shape of your face and contribute significantly to the appearance of aging. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants, it is possible to prevent this from occurring and even help to reverse the effects, helping you to look younger for longer.

4. They can improve your oral hygiene

Missing teeth or poorly fitting and uncomfortable dentures can be detrimental to your oral hygiene. With dental implants, a full set of teeth will be fully restored. This makes it much easier for you to look after your tooth brushing without experiencing pain or discomfort, as well as filling gaps between teeth that can leave you exposed to a higher risk of gum disease. Once your dental implants have been fitted, you’ll be able to return to brushing your teeth as normal, just like they were your original teeth.

5. They can improve your quality of life

Problems with the teeth can quickly have a significant impact on your quality of life. Not only do missing teeth undermine your sense of confidence and wellbeing when smiling, speaking and eating, they can also have a direct impact on your diet as certain types of food become difficult or uncomfortable to eat. This in turn can have an impact on your diet, which can affect your health.

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