Perfect On 4

0% APR finance available to help with payments.

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Perfect Pearls are proud to introduce our lowest cost offering for a fixed solution to replace an entire arch/row of teeth!

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Hate your dentures?

Sometimes wearing dentures can restrict our diets, make us feel uncomfortable eating out or in groups and also make us feel old before our time. They can also become very loose and rub on our gums creating soreness.

For those people unable to get used to dentures or removable plates, we are able to place a complete row of teeth held securely by just 4 dental implants. The teeth and gumline are replaced in the form of an acrylic bridge of teeth fixed onto the implants creating a solution that will function just like natural teeth without the fear of them moving or falling out!

Fall in love with eating again

The dental implants within the gumline mean that a daily glue/paste to secure your denture is not required and even better, your taste and eating will become significantly improved. Thanks to the more secure biting and chewing function this treatment will bring, eating can once again become an enjoyable part of the day rather than one that may cause anxiety or lead to a restricted list of foods you can eat. There is no large traditional denture plastic covering the upper or lower of the mouth so no more interfering with your eating and a returned enjoyment of meals in general, more comfortable experiences eating out with friends/family and a better ability to be able to fully taste your food.

The cost is fully inclusive of the following:

  • X-rays/CT Scans as required
  • Hygiene Preparation appointment (if required)
  • Complex Planning
  • Dental Implants
  • Multi-angle abutments
  • Temporary denture
  • Perfect on 4 Bridge
  • Aftercare Medication

And all for £8,600! We also have 0% APR finance available to help with payments.

Your complete treatment options and costs will be confirmed upfront and entirely free at an initial consultation. There is no obligation to proceed so it's a greay way to find out your dental options without any commitment or payment necessary!

To book your consultation or request more information about the 'Perfect on 4', please enquire as relevant below: