Terms of our Price Promise

Perfect Pearls are proud to offer a Perfect Price Promise – This acts as a price-match service on the main treatments we perform. The Promise means that our patients’ can rest assured that they are getting the best price available on their treatment or we’ll match the clinic that has quoted lower!

The promise does not guarantee that the Perfect Pearls’ dentist will perform the exact same treatment prescribed by the relevant alternative dentist and they will only perform treatment that they agree with/would prescribe regardless.

Terms and Conditions;

  • Treatment Plan must be on relevant clinic headed paper
  • Treatment Plan must have been devised within past 2 months
  • Treatment Plan must have the name of the diagnosing dentist and/or GDC number
  • Treatment Plan must be given from a direct physical mouth examination and OPG/CT Scan (As opposed to given from a patient’s advice via email/phone)
  • Treatment price comparison on certain treatments only (implant, crown, temp dentures, full dentures…)- Purely elective cosmetic treatment such as whitening and veneers are not included (crowns are though)
  • Treatment should commence within 28 days of rival treatment plan being presented (where possible)
  • Equivalent/most similar treatment offered at rival price where a direct comparison treatment isn’t available
  • Dental Practice and dentist that gave treatment plan must be based and registered to practice in the UK currently