Perfect Pearls – Root Canal Treatment

The root canal system contains the dental pulp, a soft tissue at the centre of the tooth consisting of nerves and blood vessels that extends from the exterior crown of the tooth to the end of the root deep within the gum, in what’s known as a pulp chamber.

Infection of the root canal can occur if bacteria works it’s way into this soft tissue before proceeding to attack and kill the cells within. With no barrier to stop more bacteria passing through the root canal, this process can continue until the infectious bacteria passes out of the canal and into the gum, causing further infection of the surrounding gum tissue. This can cause pain and inflammation of the gums and in worst case scenarios, dental abscesses.

We have highly trained dentists at both of our practices who are specialists in working with root canal complaints. It’s important to visit them in the early stages of pain and infection to ensure the best treatment results.

Here at Perfect Pearls, an x-ray is usually recommended to those experiencing tooth pain in order to find out how close any damage is to the nerve inside the pulp chamber. If the damage is found within the dental pulp, the dentist will remove the tissue within the pulp chamber and clear any remaining nerve tissue from the root canals. Once the dental pulp tissue has been cleared, the dentist widens the root canal slightly and straightens the pulp chamber to prepare it for filling. The inside of the tooth is then disinfected. All of this is performed under a local anaesthetic, meaning its generally no more uncomfortable than receiving a filling.

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So if you think you may need Root Canal Treatment, or would like to know more, please request a free brochure from us or call us directly on 01582 518 100.