Introducing the 2020 smile – what is it and why do you deserve one?

2020 has a good ring to it, don’t you think? It’s only once a century that we see two matching numbers in the year. Even less frequent is a palindrome day as we experienced earlier this month – 02022020. In fact, it isn’t going to happen for another 101 years. Luckily, having a perfect smile doesn’t have to be a once on a lifetime thing – and that’s why we are very excited to introduce the 2020 smile. 

What is a 2020 smile?

If your vision isn’t 20/20, you go to an optician, if your smile isn’t 2020, you come and see us. It’s that simple. No matter how complex your dentistry needs, we have a range of high-quality dental treatments available at the lowest prices in the UK. Whether you are looking for a brighter, whiter smile or replacements for missing teeth, we can guarantee you that 2020 will be the year you fall back in love with your smile – and it may well be a lot more affordable than you think.

Get your sparkle back with teeth whitening

Teeth whitening won’t just help you to look your very best, it will also leave you with more confidence to help you make the most of 2020. Why should you miss out on having a smile that is as balanced as the year? At Perfect Pearls, we offer two types of professional teeth whitening designed to suit your lifestyle and desired results.

In-Practice Philips Zoom! Whitening

Philips Zoom! in-chair treatment is fast, effective and comfortable. All it requires is one 60 minute course of treatment consisting of 4 x 15-minute whitening sessions, a scale and polish beforehand and a free consultation. Treatment costs just £449 including scale and polish.

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Boutique Whitening at Home

We also offer home whitening kits with professional whitening trays. By taking an impression of your teeth, the dentist will create a special tray in which the whitening gel is added. They will begin the whitening process by demonstrating how to use it. This is the ideal solution for people who would prefer to whiten their teeth in their own time at home. Treatment costs just  £249 including professional trays.

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Say goodbye to gaps with dental implants

Missing teeth don’t just damage the appearance of your smile – they can also have a real impact on your confidence and self-esteem. No matter what you have planned for 2020, replacing missing teeth with low-cost dental implants is an excellent way to boost your confidence and enjoy being the very best you.

Here at Perfect Pearls, we believe that everybody should be able to enjoy a perfect smile. That’s why we innovated low-cost dental implants over 18 years ago and continue to lead the way in the UK. We have treated thousands of patients and provided them with high-quality dental treatment at an affordable price.

Restorative dentistry can be very costly, especially when you compare typical UK dental industry prices with what can be found abroad. At Perfect Pearls, we pride ourselves in offering UK patients the same low costs for dental implants as those found overseas – meaning your 2020 smile may well be a lot closer than you thought.

Spread the cost with affordable dental finance

To help make your 2020 smile even more affordable, we are able to offer finance at attractive low-interest rates with easy monthly payments. For higher cost treatment plans of £3,000 or more, patients can take advantage of interest-free finance from 6 months to 2 years. You can take advantage of the low 9.9% APR and spread the cost for up to 5 years.

For lower cost treatment plans we’re happy to offer a low-interest finance arrangement at just 9.9% APR. These terms are available for up to 5 years so can really help treatment become affordable.

Don’t delay – speak to an expert today

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