Are dental implants worth the price?

Dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth and have become increasingly popular in the UK. Unfortunately, they are not generally covered by the NHS. This means that they usually have to be funded from your own pocket. If you have been considering dental implants then you have likely approached a few different dentists to find out about the costs involved. You might even have found yourself wondering if they are really worth the price. To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of dental implants and what you really get for your money.

An investment in your confidence

A significant proportion of UK adults suffer from one or more missing teeth. Whilst the dental implications are obvious, there is another aspect of missing teeth that is easy to overlook – the impact on your confidence and overall wellbeing.

Research indicates that people with missing teeth commonly experience low self-esteem, a loss of confidence and a lower sense of wellbeing. The result can be a significant impact on people’s personal, social and professional lives. 

Professionals who suffer from missing teeth are often reluctant to give presentations, take the lead in meetings and pitches and will often avoid interviewing for new jobs or promotions. As a result, they are at risk of missing out on opportunities they deserve – and consequently not earning to their full potential. With this in mind, dental implants may prove to be well worth the investment.

Many people with missing teeth will become increasingly reluctant to appear in selfies and family photographs. Others may withdraw entirely from social occasions – leaving them isolated and at a higher risk of other health problems such as depression. Social isolation can be particularly undesirable for older patients who may already find that their opportunity to interact with others is limited. 

If you have lost an entire arch and wear dentures, implants can be used to support a fixed replacement. As well as significantly improving comfort, this will also eliminate the need for a plastic plate on the upper teeth. As a result, you could also experience an improved sense of taste and rediscover the pleasure of eating.

As a result, many older patients discover a new lease of life after dental implant surgery.

An investment in your future oral health

There are several reasons why your dentist will likely recommend that you replace missing teeth. Firstly, your oral hygiene is an important consideration. Gaps in your teeth can be sensitive and hard to reach, meaning that you either avoid brushing them because of the discomfort, or simply can’t reach some areas effectively. This puts your remaining teeth at a greater risk of decay and may eventually lead to further tooth loss.

Over a prolonged period of time, the jaw bone will slowly begin to weaken where teeth are missing. This is because when you chew, vibrations travel through the roots of your teeth and encourage healthy growth of the jaw bone. With a missing tooth, this stimulation no longer occurs and eventually the jaw can begin to weaken and recede. Not only does this increase the risk of losing more teeth in the future, it can also cause the appearance of early ageing as your jawline slowly changes shape.

How do dental implants actually work?

A dental implant actually consists of three key components – the implant, the abutment and the crown.

The implant is the most important part. This is a replacement for the root of the missing tooth and is made from biocompatible titanium. This is able to fuse with the existing bone in your jaw, restoring strength and providing a solid foundation for your new tooth or teeth that is as good as the original root. Alternatives such as traditional crowns and bridges do not offer this.

The abutment is mounted on the implant and allows the crown to be fitted. The crown is the visible part of the new tooth. This will be coloured and shaped to look and feel just like your natural teeth, so that once you have completed the treatment, you’ll forget you ever had missing teeth. Unlike traditional crowns, it will be supported by a root of its own and not rely on other teeth, meaning that the integrity of the surrounding teeth is not compromised.

Because dental implants do not rely on your remaining teeth, they are also a suitable option for almost every patient. Even if you have already begun to experience bone loss, this can usually be rectified during treatment. In some cases, a process known as bone grafting may be required. 

A lifelong investment

When you choose Perfect Pearls, you can be sure that your implants will fitted by an experienced implantologist. We use the highest quality materials from the best possible sources. 

Our clinic is based in Wolverhampton, where you’ll be supported by an expert team who’ll make sure that you are comfortable and reassured throughout the treatment, as well as providing all the aftercare you need. 

As a result of the exceptional care we take from the outset, our patients can enjoy the benefits of their dental implants for years to come. This can often be a lifetime with the correct approach to oral hygiene.

We support and encourage our patients to take a proactive approach to oral hygiene and attend regular checkups as advised by the team. This is to make sure that they get the best possible lifespan out of your implants.

Spread the cost with interest free finance

When you consider the many benefits, it is easy to see that dental implants are well worth the investment – and with our attractive finance options they could be even more affordable than you imagined. 

Get in touch today and discover how soon you could be able to benefit from a fully restored smile. Call now on 01902 500 823 to talk to a dental implant expert.