How Dental Implants Can Help You Stay Healthy

For many, dental implants may be viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity, something that might help to improve the appearance of your teeth but nothing more. In reality, there are several reasons why this is far from the truth. In this article, we look at some of the health benefits of dental implants.


When it comes to confidence, everybody naturally has a different level and society imposes no requirement on anybody to be a confident person. Regardless of this, it is a fact that missing teeth can have a hugely detrimental effect on our confidence and general sense of wellbeing, which can cause issues in all areas of our life, both private and professional. From avoiding family photos and hiding smiles, to actually avoiding contact with others and turning down opportunities, the long term effects of self-confidence issues due to missing teeth can actually have a real impact on your success and your relationships with others.


Over a prolonged period of time, missing teeth are now known to actually have an effect on speech. When a tooth is missing for a long time, the bone which supports and surrounds the tooth  – known as the alveolar bone – begins to decrease in both width and height. This in turn can eventually have an effect on the jawbone itself. The problem is greater the higher the number of missing teeth, but left unchecked can affect the speech, causing further problems with self-esteem.

Facial Aesthetics

The phenomena of bone loss described above can also eventually have other more visible effects, causing the mouth to gradually change shape over a long period of time. One noticeable effect is hollowing of the cheeks, which can begin appearing as early as the age of 45. With progression, support for the lips will also be reduced. The combined effect is early aging of the face. The lack of support in the jaw area can also lead to someone developing an ‘unhappy’ appearance.


Missing teeth or badly fitting replacements, including dentures, can cause extreme discomfort when eating. The longer pain or discomfort is experienced, the more likely individuals are to limit their diet, which can have a detrimental effect on their health. In older patients, research indicates that poorly fitting dentures can also contribute to unintentional weight loss in the elderly, which can become a potentially serious health issue.

Dental implants – a universal solution

Dental implants and modern dental techniques are a solution that can help solve the problems associated with missing teeth and badly fitting or loose dentures. From a single tooth to a full bridge or retained dentures, you can have a lasting solution that not only leaves you feeling confident but also prevents more serious problems developing later on, leaving you happy and healthy today, tomorrow and beyond.

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