Beach Holidays and Oral Health

If you are planning on getting away for some sun in the final few months of the year, you may be interested to learn more about some of the facts surrounding holidays and how particular types of holiday can have implications on your oral health.

Beach holidays and trips to hot countries are understandably a very common choice of holiday for British people. These types of holidays are not quite as popular with dentists, however, as the warmer climates often encourage a short but intensive change in dietary habits for the duration of the holiday.

Spending time on such holidays more often than not leads to an increased intake in food and drink products that have a high sugar content and/or are highly acidic. Such products include ice cream, candies, carbonated soft drinks, ciders, red wines, olives and vinaigrettes.

Maintaining a conscious effort to eat healthily whilst on holiday and with the recommended eating routine of three square meals a day will limit the vulnerability of your teeth to attack from sugary and acidic products.

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