Dreaming of a Summer Smile? Start Today!

The Christmas break may well be over, but with the cold, dark mornings reminding us that it is still very much winter, you could be forgiven for beginning to think about your summer holidays. In fact, if you have ever dreamed of having perfect teeth for that holiday of a lifetime, now is actually the perfect time to think and act. With Perfect Pearls Dental Implant Clinics, you can be saying goodbye to gaps between your teeth in time for summer with our leading implant treatments.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root which is placed into the jaw in order to support a replacement tooth, bridges or dentures. The root, which is not unlike a screw, is typically made of titanium which bonds with the bone in the jaw to provide the strongest possible support for artificial teeth. Because of their strength and versatility, implants can be used to help replace anything from a single tooth to a complete set.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants function as a replacement for the root of a tooth. Just like a natural tooth root, they sit in the jawbone and provide a firm anchor which allows a replacement tooth to be mounted independently of the teeth around it. Once the implant has been fitted, it typically takes around four months for the jaw to grow onto it and fuse the implant to the bone. Once this has successfully happened, permanent replacement teeth can then be mounted. The end result is replacement teeth that, if properly looked after, will look and feel just like natural teeth.

Can anybody have implants?

Generally speaking, the most important factor to consider is the amount and condition of the bone available in the jaw. Luckily, with today’s advanced dentistry, this is rarely a problem. If the area is not suitable, a bone graft can be used to provide a sufficient amount of bone for the implant. A bone graft can take up to six months to fuse with the existing bone. In many cases the implant can be fitted at the same time, improving the time taken to complete the treatment and also reducing the number of visits required. Whilst bone grafting may sound scary, don’t be put off. It is performed by dental experts under local anaesthetic. Most patients don’t feel anything more than the mild discomfort that you’d expect from any dental treatment.

Great, when can I start?

Because the suitability of dental implants depends on the individual patient, it is essential to begin with a consultation with a dental surgeon who has specialist knowledge of implants. You may also need to have X-rays or CT scans as part of the initial process. Once a complete assessment has been conducted and the dental surgeon has all the information required, you can start as soon as you wish.

Why choose Perfect Pearls?

Perfect Pearls is an award-winning UK-wide dental implant clinic offering the highest quality dental implant treatment at the most competitive prices available. On top of our unbeatable prices, we also offer our patients a free initial consultation and complimentary X-rays / CT-scans where required for our own use. As well as having access to the very latest technology in-house, we offer our patients access to a team who together have decades of experience in implant surgery, supported with a wealth of qualifications in the field.

To get your summer smile off to the best possible start, don’t delay – call Perfect Pearls today on 01902 500823 or contact us online for a fast response.