3 Reasons why you deserve professional teeth whitening

There was a time when having shiny white teeth and a perfect smile were considered something that was only available to the rich and famous – and indeed, unless your smile was to be seen on the silver screen, magazine covers or billboard advertisements it was hard to justify your desire to have brighter, whiter teeth. A lot has changed since then however, and new technologies have led to reduced costs, making professional teeth whitening available to everybody.

The benefits of having your teeth whitened are far more than just cosmetic. The increased levels of self-esteem and confidence and the improved sense of well-being that come with having confidence in your smile benefit many areas of life. Read on for three reasons you deserve professional teeth whitening now.

1. Be yourself

Our teeth naturally lose their whiteness over time as a result of many factors such as diet and lifestyle. Even if the change is imperceptible to most, as individuals we tend to be much more conscious of our appearance and our perceived faults. Our teeth are a major player in how we judge ourselves. This is hardly a surprise when they are on display every time we speak, eat, smile and interact with others.

When we become self-conscious about our smiles, we tend to begin hiding our mouths when we speak, avoiding eating in public and even sometimes start to opt out of social gatherings altogether. We also tend to avoid expressing ourselves in any way that might overly expose our teeth. The end result of all these seemingly trivial changes in behaviour can be that our friends and colleagues subtly sense that we are not being ourselves – but may well be completely unaware why they even feel this. Nonetheless, it can, over time, begin to have a negative effect on our personal and professional relationships.

2. Have the confidence to succeed

There is no secret recipe to success, that much is known for certain. But what is also well documented is that confidence is a major factor. Our confidence can be boosted by a smile we are comfortable with. In fact, studies have shown that people who smile more are perceived to be more confident, and as a result are likely to do better in all areas of life, especially when it comes to professional areas such as job interviews and sales pitches. Getting your teeth professionally whitened should not be seen merely as a cosmetic decision. It can also be a major investment in your future success that is well worth the relatively low cost of the treatment.

3. Look and feel younger

Our teeth are subjected to a huge amount of wear and tear over the course of a lifetime. It’s no surprise that over the years they will begin to fade and lose some of their natural shine. For some, this gradual shift can also begin to affect the appearance of aging, causing them to look and feel older than they really are. Luckily, most staining of the teeth is completely reversible. With the help of a qualified dentist, a teeth whitening treatment can actually help you to roll back the years. Now that’s something to smile about!

In surgery or at home whitening – the choice is yours

At Perfect Pearls we know how much your lifestyle matters. That’s why we offer two types of teeth whitening designed to suit your needs. Our in-chair Philips Zoom! treatment is a 60-minute session consisting of 4 x 15-minute whitening sessions. As well as this, you will receive a scale and polish beforehand and a free consultation. With the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed lamp, you can achieve your whitest smile in just one 60-minute visit to your dentist’s surgery. It’s backed by studies that have shown it is safe and effective for your teeth and gums. With its varying intensity settings, treatment can be customised to eliminate sensitivity to maximise your comfort.

We also offer home whitening kits with professional whitening trays made from impressions taken of your teeth in-practice. These suit people who would prefer to whiten their teeth in their own time at home. Our experts use the Boutique Whitening system, which is safe, effective and trusted by the very best dentists.

To learn more about teeth whitening with Perfect Pearls Dental Implant Centres or to book your consultation now, call us on Luton 01582 518 100, Wolverhampton 01902 500 823 or alternatively enquire online and a member of the team will get right back to you.